Woods HEPA Air Purifiers


Wood’s air purifiers is truly a leading Eco-Friendly air purifier brand. Thanks to its patented Active Ion HEPA filter it removes >99,98% of harmful particles.

The air purifier is designed to achieve a high degree of purification and the highest air flow while keeping the noise level as low as possible.

Saphai Medical: Irish Distributer

Wood’s Air purifier AL 310FC

Wood’s AL 310FC is designed and developed in Sweden.

Wood’s AL 310FC is equipped with Filter check which means that it automatically detects and announces when the filter needs to be changed.

Wood’s AL 310FC Is ideal for bedrooms and smaller rooms and can be used both wall mounted and freestanding.

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Wood’s Air purifier GRAN 900

Wood’s Gran 900 is one of the best and most exclusive air purifiers on the market, suitable for large apartments, offices and other rooms up to 120 m2. This very powerful purifier has two Active ION HEPA filters and is powerful enough to
clean the air in demanding environments, such as smoke rooms, cafés or printing shops.

The Wood’s GRAN 900 cleans the air from harmful particles and provides you with a healthier indoor environment. The GRAN 900 can also be equipped with carbon filters to clean the air from unpleasant odour and gases (optional accessory).