Puradigm® was established to bring proven products and solutions to global markets, with a focus on health and wellness for humanity. Our solutions have been proven and validated as some of the most effective in the market at reducing surface and air contaminants that can be dangerous to humans and animals. Through education, we help our customers understand global challenges and introduce solutions for creating safer and cleaner environments.


Puradigm Success in Food Processing Industry

PURADIGM PRO ™ Proactive Surface & Air Purification System

Puradigm® PRO™ is a powerful technology solution for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications requiring advanced pathogen and microbial management. Designed for indoor spaces up to 4,000 square feet, Puradigm PRO provides a proven solution to manage airborne and surface borne pathogens.


PURADIGM HVAC ™ Proactive Surface & Air Purification System

Puradigm® HVAC™ has been engineered to handle light commercial and residential applications. Designed for integration with existing Heating & Air Conditioning systems. Puradigm HVAC products deliver a proven solution to manage airborne and surface contaminants in your environment.


PURADIGM FLOW ™ Proactive Surface & Air Purification System

The Puradigm® FLOW™ has been designed and engineered as a mold & pathogen management system that uses patented Puradigm Technology. Our technology has been tested and is scientifically proven to manage pathogens, VOC’s and other issues from both residential & commercial facilities. The Puradigm FLOW is easy to install and delivers continous environmental protection from potentially harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces.