Boneco Air Purifiers


If you feel especially good indoors, it could be due to the professional air treatment provided by our products from BONECO healthy air. That’s because they provide a noticeable improvement of the air inside a room as well as a beneficial indoor climate. The optimally cleaned indoor air not only positively influences your wellbeing, but also your health.

Saphai Medical: Irish Distributer

Boneco Air Purifier P710

The P710 comes with a slightly different Filter A703 to the standard P700 Filter A702.

They are similar in that they both combine a particle filter and an active carbon layer but the difference is that while the A702 uses 2 layers, one particle filter and one active carbon pellets, the A703 Filter has 3 layers, a particle filter on both sides and in the middle an active carbon-infused particle filter.

This provides a higher surface area for the active carbon layer which improves the VOCfiltering capabilities of the device.

Rooms up to 200m2, Air Flow 800m3/h