Saphai Medical is an Irish company that specialises in air and surface hygiene solutions.
We manufacture and supply a wide range of products for clean air solutions across a wide range of industries.


A room air cleaner with two HEPA filters. The system quietly recirculates indoor air through the filters at a volume of 250m3/hr. The filters will remove airborne contamination such as general dust, bacteria and mould.



Electrostatic misting device for rapid dispensing of disinfectants.


Sanitising Chemical

Galtec Suresan is approved by the Department of Agriculture (all chemicals on the market here are required to have approval) and has a PCS No. 99408.

It is a broad-spectrum sanitizer containing Benzalkonium Ammonium Chloride as the active ingredient.



An advanced ionisation technology that eliminates air and surface bacteria and viruses which is widely used in the Food Safety industry to eliminate Listeria, E.coli and surface mould.


Industrial Filtration

Offering a complete range of HVAC air filters from pre-filtration to HEPA.